Shopping for unique January birthday gifts may be a hard task for many people. But don’t fret, we’re here to help. To find the best gifts, learn about January people’s traits, interests, and facts. 

As we know, January symbolizes a new year, a new beginning, and for some – a goodbye to one year old and hello to the next. While you may still be recovering from the holiday mayhem, those special people born in the first month of the year are keeping the party going. The January-born person deserves a meaningful birthday gift because it’s her special day. Below, you’ll find our favorite January gift ideas that are both thoughtful and affordable. Show your January babies how much they’re mean to you with a special gift.

The ideas below were inspired by your January birth sign (Capricorn or Aquarius), personality, birth color, month flower, and birthstone. Whether it’s for your BFF, husband, daughter, wife, sister, dad, or co-worker, these handpicked January birthday gifts will help you score some happiness with loved ones in your life.

Personality Traits Of People Born In January

People born in January are often talkative and like to try new things. They will keep you entertained and it’s hard to get bored when they’re around. They are a child at heart and only become mature when the circumstances call for it. Plus, they’re quite adventurous and recommend you the same stuff.

Through their personalities, choosing January birthday gifts will become easier. Let’s take a look at the January birthdays sign to see what kind of person they are.

+ They are very friendly: People born in January are very friendly. They can make friends even with some introverted people. They are sociable and therefore, everyone loves being around them. Not everyone is instantly likable but these people have that born quality in them.

+ They Overflow with Confidence: Now, that’s a quality that other January-borns have to develop, but it comes naturally to them. They are almost never worried or afraid of anything. They can say anything and everything without worry. But ah ah, sometimes confidence can turn into overconfidence and they have to handle it.

+ They are Intolerant to Stupidity: They can’t stand the fact that the person they’re talking to is stupid or talk stupidly. It makes them boil from inside and they may not even speak out loud because they’re not made that way. 

+ Bold and Understanding: The boldness of January birthday people comes from within and they are helpless in explaining to people that they are so bold. All they do is smile back and say that’s my way. Despite their boldness, they have a better understanding of people and will always know who needs a little support and they won’t let anyone down.

+ They are the chatter box: Obviously, you can tell that if a person is very confident, funloving, bold, and does everything well, those who have birthdays in January, will be very talkative. They can talk all day and still have something to say. They speak in a very polite and sweet manner that would make anyone jealous with their tone of voice.

Now you know the personalities of those who had January birthday month. Next part, I will share with you the guide of January birthday ideas.

How to Choose Gift According To January Born Facts


If you have someone’s birthday in January in your circle and want to make it more memorable, take the hint from the following January birthday gifts.

1. According To January Birth Stone

Garnet is the birthstone of January. This gem comes in various colors such as red, pink, green, orange, and purple. Out of all the colors, the most common color of garnet is red like a pomegranate, just like the meaning of the word “garnet” which means seed of a pomegranate. So, garnet jewelry will be the best gift for people born in January.

2. According To January Birth Flower

Each month has its own symbolic flower, and January has two birth flowers. They are the carnation and the snowdrop. Snowdrops represent hope and beauty. While, carnations symbolize admiration, love and affection.

Based on that, when shopping for a January birth gift, you can select one related to these two flowers. For example, a shirt with the image of carnations would make a great birthday gift for her. Or jewelry featuring carnation and snowdrop shape would be appreciated.

More Gifts for January Birthdays

After the frenzy of holiday gift-giving in December, it can sometimes be hard to think of birthday gifts in January. With that said, we’ll help you by providing fun ideas for January birthday gifts, so you can send the perfect gift that they will actually love. If you’re still wondering about ideas, keep on scrolling to see the guide.

January Birthday Gift Ideas For Men

It’s time: The guy in your life is a year older and wiser. No matter what age they are, on his birthday, he deserves a thoughtful birthday gift. There are some rules when choosing January birthday gifts:

– According to personality: As I mentioned above, you can base on his personality and pick the right present. Men born in January often have an outgoing personality, so gifts such as watches, travel bags, or a personalized t-shirt are suitable choices. 

– According to interest: Interest is one of the factors you should prioritize when choosing January birthday gift ideas. If he is someone who loves to travel, why not buy him camping gear? Or if he likes to take care of his appearance, a suit is best.

– According to the age: Age also affects the selection of the right present. The youth can have more diverse options, while middle-aged men should focus more on practical or health-promoting products such as massagers or functional foods.

January Birthday Gift Ideas For Women

We understand that most of us have suffered from all the holiday shopping and we want to cut down spending this month. But, it’s her birthday, no one wants to skip celebrating their own birthday as well as getting a 2-in-1 Christmas & birthday gift. The January-born person deserves a special birthday gift because it’s her day.

– According to personality: For example, if she has an outgoing, energetic personality, then choose something unique and personal. A gift as simple as a fun mug or a trolling gift is sure to surprise her. Or if the woman in your life is a casual seeker, a blanket with a sweet design would make a heartwarming birthday gift.

– According to interest: When you pick January birthday gifts for her, consider her interest. Remember the things she likes or talks about, whether it’s cooking, art, science, sport, music, or movies. Think about any interests and hobbies that she may have. Try to remember anything she might mention wanting these days. 

– According to her work: If you’re still wondering what to get her on her big day, think of her work. You can give her something relating to her work. For instance, if she is a beauty vloger, get her makeup products. If she is an office worker, a coffee mug is the best January birthday for her.

Greetings to include with your gift

Don’t forget to add your wishes to her/him with your gift. Here’re some suggestions you can refer to:

  • January born Birthday means you are amazing and incredible enough to be synonymous with a happy new year.
  • All roads lead to your home today because you are celebrating a new year and a birthday party that welcomed us in it.
  • I hope today is just the beginning of a beautiful year for you, happy Birthday!
  • A dear friend, today I want to wish you a happy birthday and blessings.
  • You are a kind person, today is your birthday, and I wish you all the best for this new year.

FAQ About January Birthday People

1. What Color Is January?

Dark Red, Dark Blue, Blue. Although the color of January is quite diverse, red is the most recognized color. The deep red color of January birthstones comes from the deep red variety of January Garnet gemstones.

2. What Sign Is A January Birthday?

People born between December 22 and January 19 are Capricorn, and those from January 20 to January 31 are Aquarius. Capricorn bears the symbol of the Goat. Capricorns are ambitious but realistic. They are known for their attention to detail and favor quality over quantity. Meanwhile, the symbol of Aquarius is water carriers. People born under the sign of Aquarius are known for fairness, integrity and friendliness.

3. Why the color of a Birthstone is important?

The color of a birthstone is related to the value, rarity, and quality of a gem. Therefore, the color of the birthstone is extremely important to be considered when buying a piece of jewelry containing precious or semi-precious stones.

4. Is January A Good Birthday Month?

A Journal of Social Science study involving celebrities from a variety of professions found that January babies seem to have the greatest chance of becoming famous. They are also natural-born leaders. 

Another study by the European University of Neurology with 400 university students found that those born in the winter months were less irritable and moody than those born in the summer. The majority of people born in January are Capricorn (Dec 22 to Jan 19), who are ambitious yet humble and tend to achieve their big plans humbly.

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Above is a summary of all information about January’s birthday people. From personality, and hobbies to zodiac signs. Hope you can find the best January birthday gifts and make them memorable birthday.