Are you hunting for the May birthday gift? Follow our guide below.

May is the start of the warm weather season, so it’s bright and joyful. Were you born in May? Or is your friend or family member a Taurus, or maybe a Gemini? Picking a special gift for the significant ones in your life isn’t always as easy as you’d hope. Let me, a Taurus, help you. Here, we’ve rounded up the best presents to celebrate the unique souls born in May. 

You’ll want to purchase, wrap and give these cool May birthday gifts as soon as possible, trust us! Whether she’s a foodie or a self-care buff, this list has a great gift for them. This guide will definitely impress your dad, mom, friend, or coworker. Maybe your giftee doesn’t expect you to receive anything on their birthday, but they will certainly appreciate the goodies compiled below.

So, it’s time to check out the calendar and see how many people in your life are born this month and let them know what they mean to you.

Fascinating Facts About People Born In May


May is one of the greatest times of the year with bright blooms and sunny blue skies. May-born babies are sure to blossom into amazing human beings. Here are some traits that make May kids special. 

Children have good physical strength

A 2015 study from the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association examined 1,688 conditions, 55 diseases — like cardiovascular diseases and asthma, and found that people born in May and July, had zero at-risk diseases. 


According to a 2009 study from the medical journal Sleep, May-born kids tend to go to bed later than those who were born in February or December because of the effect of the birth season. 

They’re LUCKY

One study looked at 30,000 participants and asked them how lucky they perceived themselves to be. The highest percentage from any month? You guessed it. It’s those born in May. 

May kids are OPTIMISTIC

In addition to being lucky, a 2014 U.K-based study indicates that May babies are optimistic. The research shows that those born in May, March and April get high marks on the hyperthymia scale. 

May birth flower signifies happiness

The flower of May is the starkly beautiful Lily of the Valley, which symbolizes happiness. If your little baby is born in May, why not fill the house with Lily of the Valley to celebrate his birthday?

May babies tend to be the TINIEST BABIES

May-born infants were lighter, smaller, and shorter compared to the babies born in other months, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine. They believe that it’s related to the amount of vitamin D the mother is exposed to.

How to Choose Gift According To May Born Facts

May is one of the wonderful months of the year! And those who are born in this month deserve a special gift. Here’s everything you need to know about the May-born people and the best present for them.

Based On Zodiac Sign

People who were born from May 1 to 20 are Tarus, and those who celebrate those who were born from May 21 onward are Gemini. If your giftee is an astrology lover, give them a zodiac sign gift and I’m sure that they will love it a lot. Monograms and birthstones are a fantastic way to customize presents for your loved ones, but there are plenty of other fun things out there, too. From jewelry and candles to t-shirts and recipe books and anything inspired by astrological signs, these gift ideas are sure to be a big hit this year.

Based On Birth Month Flower

The lily of the valley is the birth month flower of May. This flower is seen as a symbol of purity, humility, and virtue. That is also the reason it is increasingly appearing at weddings. If you want to find the May birthday gifts ideas, a bouquet of lilies is a good idea. Also, a Lily of the Valley perfume will leave them fresh, sweet and energizing. It’s a perfect scent for babies born this month. Jewelry with the lily shape will also be appreciated.

Birthday Gift Ideas For May

We have at least one person in our lives who is hard to shop for. These people seem to already have everything or are extremely picky. There is a broad selection of May birthday gift to choose from. 

If you’re overwhelmed by May birthday ideas, let us help you. We’ve got loads of unique May birthday gifts for men and women that are sure to impress even the most complicated people. 

#1. May Birthday Gift Ideas For Women

Picking on the best gift ideas for the important women in your life comes with a lot of anxiety. If you’re looking for gift ideas for her, you may consider several questions like what does she like? Does she like to practice yoga? What does she not already own? Is she a cat mom? So many questions, so little time to purchase. Maybe this information will be of some help to you:

A May born woman loves nature, is hardworking and devoted. She loves music and she possesses a romantic and ambitious soul. She always has a tendency to make things better in different aspects of her life. The women who were born this month are a mix of all the traits that all men are looking for and which they rarely find.


You certainly want an awesome present for your wife that makes her feel loved and touched. Most importantly, your significant women were born in May. So what exactly should that May birthday gift be?

Actually, all we want is the same genuine, sincere affection we show others. So when it comes to the May birthday gift ideas for her, pick something that shows your genuine. Thoughtful gifts for her that show you know and care about them. If you need some guidance, treat the May girl in your life to any of these gorgeous May birthday ideas.

The May gifts for her are the perfect combination of unique and thoughtful. You want to get the May women in your life items that feel personal but it’s also useful. A personalized mug is a great idea if she loves sipping tea or coffee every morning. If she likes to spend time practicing yoga every day, a comfortable yoga t-shirt will fit her best.

Whether you’re on a budget or able to spend a little more, whether it’s Monday, her birthday, anniversary, retirement, or just a random day, you’re bound to find something special for your important May women on our curated list of May birthday month gifts for her

#2. May Birthday Gift Ideas For Men

Besides Mays gifts for her, you may wonder about a great May birthday gift for your husband, grandpa, father, uncle, boyfriend, close friend, son, and other important men born in May. If you’re struggling to find the perfect May birthday ideas for him, look through our cool list of these gift ideas. First, take a glance at this information:

A May born man is said to be smart, ambitious, and sensitive. He is just like a cat, loves to be caressed. If he was born after May 21st are Geminis, who can be said to be more passionate and active. If you’ve ever been with him, you know that he’s a strong, cautious, and trustworthy person.


When picking a May birthday gift for your loving man, it’s ideal to choose an item that reflects his hobby or personality. If he is a hunting lover, get a shirt that helps him to express his passion for hunting. Or if he is interested in science, you can get him a science-themed birthday gift.

Asides from preferences, you can consider something related to his job or personality. That will help you easily find the perfect gifts for him. Also, get something related to May zodiac sign. May babies fall under Taurus or Gemini, so you can give them Taurus birthday gifts or Gemini presents

From sport-themed gifts to everything fishing-related, there is no shortage of ideal birthday gift ideas for your man. He’s certain to love any one of these funny and sentimental gifts on our list. 

Once you’ve finished purchasing gifts for all the May men in your life, sit back, relax, and wait to see his bright smile. After all, the best part of gift-giving is seeing his face light up when you pick exactly what he didn’t know he needed.

FAQ About May Birthday People

1. What gift does Taurus like?

A Taurus loves to be pampered. Grooming and self care products – and premium products are the best present ideas. Elevating a nighttime or at-home spa routine will be a huge hit with these indulgent bulls.

2. What should I get for my birthday in May?

Emerald is the birthstone and also the traditional gift for people born this month. But it doesn’t mean you can’t add some sparkly bit of beryl for your present. There are lots of interesting ways to celebrate your loved ones with their special shade of green.

3. What is unique about people born in May?

Those who are born in this month are typically stronger and bigger than their peers. They not only own physical stamina but they are also known for their strength of mind, body, and spirit. May-born people are likely to see the bright side in any situation. 

4. Is May born attractive?

According to astrologers, people born in this month are knowledgeable, determined and enthusiastic, their physical attractiveness coupled with their mental strength makes them irresistible. So, if you belong to the signs of Taurus and Gemini, you should consider yourself blessed by the stars.

5. Is May the luckiest month?

Some studies show that people born in the summer often consider themselves luckier than those born in the winter. A study done in the UK says that May is the luckiest month to be born and October is the unluckiest.

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+ Meaningful gift under 20$ for 30th birthday


Whether you’re on the hunt for an awesome gift for your May girl or man, there are plenty of options out there. These May birthday gifts are sure to help you show them how much you care and appreciate them. Whatever you decide to go for, we’re sure your May women and men will be touched and will love it for sure because they know you put a lot of effort and time into it. Happy shopping!