October Birthday Gift

October Birthday Girl T Shirt


October is here and it’s time to shop for a perfect October birthday gift for someone you care.

Firstly, they are optimistic and have extremely high emotional quotients. They’re very motivated, optimistic, and competitive. It is these traits that make them unique from others. So, picking the right gift for your loved one can be quite challenging. 

Are you searching everywhere for meaningful and unique gift ideas? If you have no ideas for October birthday gifts, we’ve got you covered. We have easy last-minute ordering online gift ideas, funny gift ideas, and unique experiences to help you plan a cool day for special in your life. Scroll down to discover more!

6 Fascinating Facts About People Born In October


The traits of these are really strong and have a lot of differences from others. Understanding their traits will make you two closer to each other as well as finding birthday gifts for October easier.

Here are 6 very fascinating facts about people born in October.

+ They possess high emotional intelligence: October-borns with high EQ is the first advantage that life bestows on people born in this month. They always have a sense of emotion, empathy as well as other social skills to become someone who stands out from the crowd.

+ They have creative minds: One of the best things about these people is their endless creativity. This helps them get many achievements at work, or determine a path for their choice. It’s no surprise that Virgo deserves so much great success in the fields of art and interior design.

+ They’re Romantic: They are born with a romantic nature. They are the type of person who is extremely attractive to the opposite sex and can easily prevail when dealing with anyone. If your lover was born in this month, you are lucky because they will always give you complete and faithful love.

+ They are attractive and charismatic: This can be considered as one of the extremely rare and precious qualities that only people born in this month have. No one can deny their charisma as well as their extremely charming personality like a giant magnet, able to attract many people and easily forgive conflicts. 

+ They’re Optimistic: People who have October birthday never lose hope and always strive to achieve their goals. Not only that, their optimism is like a “virus”, easily transmitted to others. With this trait, they will be good leaders, leading everyone with a positive attitude in the most difficult cases.

+ They are friendly: These people born this time are friendly and easily get along with others. Their slightly melancholy personality combined with their charm makes them able to make friends anywhere. A happy, smiling face can “light up” even in the darkest places.

How to Choose Gift According To October Born Facts

October birthday gift

Shopping for a perfect gift for someone you care about may be tricky. Based on their born facts below, you’ll be able to pick the right gift easier. 

Gifts With Zodiac Sign

Babies born in October are either a Libra (Sep 23 – Oct 22) or a Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21). Each zodiac sign has different characteristics and personalities. 

Libra is very peaceful and calm. People with this sign often keep their emotions themselves and never impose their anger or worries on others. The empathetic nature they possess makes them all the more charismatic. Therefore, people of this sign will love items like candles, cozy spaces (think: super soft pajamas and luxurious robes) or anything aesthetically pleasing, from makeup to jewelry.

Scorpios are incredibly deep and emotional people. They are determined and ambitious, always keeping the intensity in everything they do. “Nothing is impossible” is their favorite motto and they are brave enough to challenge their limits. So the best birthday ideas for October for this sign would be things that help them create their own space when they’re away from home, such as a portable coffee maker so they can have quality espresso anywhere. They also appreciate unique goodies such as their zodiac shirts.  

Gifts With October Birthstones

You can’t be wrong with a beautiful piece of jewelry in celebrating the month of their birth. The best classy gifts for the October birthstones – opal and tourmaline would be a big hit on your list of gifts this year. Tourmaline and Opal are birthstones for those born in Oct. 

Tourmaline has a brilliant rainbow color that is loved by many individuals. While Opal gems are truly unique because each individual gem is opaque with flashes of color. Opal star earrings or natural Tourmaline bracelets are the best good option if you want to give them jewelry birthstone gifts. They will remember you each time they wear these items. 

Gifts With October Birth Flower

The official birth flowers of this month are the charming marigold and cosmos. Bright clusters of marigolds like the sun bring warmth and creativity. While the cosmos represents order, peace and serenity. This year, surprise your loved one with an October bouquet of marigolds. Or, wow everyone with a birthday cake decorated with their month of birth flowers.

Birthday Gift Ideas For October


Birthdays are a big occasion for everyone. Every month of the year has a special meaning, especially when it comes to gift ideas. So while shopping for a birthday gift, you can consider the meaning of the month to make the gift more unique. In this guide, we have a special treat for people with Oct birthdays. If you have the ones who are born this month, then this list of October gift ideas is for you.

#1. October Birthday Gift Ideas For Him


Men are notoriously difficult to choose gifts, so if you have a special man who is born in Oct, you can follow the rules below:

– According to interest: Based on his interest is never wrong when choosing October gifts. If he loves to travel, giving him a travel bag is a good choice. Does your man love sports? If yes, gifting him a pair of sneakers is perfect.

– According to his personality: Personality is also one of the priority factors when it comes to birthday ideas for October. If he is an extrovert, you can give him a travel two trip or a romantic dinner. Or if he is an introvert, cooking him a special treat is an ideal gift.

– According to his age: Teenagers will have different ways of choosing gifts than middle-aged people. While teens love the gifts that bring their personality, the mid-age group often tends to the pracitical gifts.

#2. October Birthday Gift Ideas For Her


Gifting flowers is a great option when you want to find October birthday gifts for her or him. You can also give flowers to come with a cake and other presents. Next, practical gifts that everyone can use such as t-shirts, mugs, skincare, perfume, jewelry are also other great options for you. Want to get a bonus point for your gift? Personalize the gift by adding her name or traits to make it more impressive.

For those who love to eat healthy, giving a fruit basket is perfect. Be sure to add some of the seasonal treats available in your basket. Or she is a foodie, give her a voucher from her favorite restaurant, she will surely appreciate it.

FAQ About October Birthday People

#1. What Color Is October’s Birthday?

Oct-born people have a longer lifespan. They tend to live longer than those born in other months. If your baby is born from September to November, he or she more likely to see 100 candles on his birthday cake, says the Journal of Aging Research reported.

#2. Is October a good birth month?

People born this month are very healthy. According to NBC’s Today reports, Oct babies traditionally develop lower cholesterol levels and great cardiovascular health and as a result, reduced risk of heart disease.

#3. Are October born people lucky?

People born in this month are very optimistic and have a positive outlook towards life. They never give up and if they are determined to do something, they will not stop without achieving it. Even when they lose at something, they don’t stop trying.

#4. Is October a good birth month?

People born this month are very healthy. According to NBC’s Today reports, Oct babies traditionally develop lower cholesterol levels and great cardiovascular health and as a result, reduced risk of heart disease.

#5. What Is An October Baby?

Babies born in October are usually very well-developed, intelligent and can be supreme leaders. The number of world leaders and scientists born in Oct is higher than in other months. For example, in the US, there have been 4 presidents born in Oct.

In a 2015 study, babies born in Oct were more active than those born in other months. In addition, hard-working and determined, October babies are suitable to go the business route.


The best gifts are those that are well thought out, as it shows how much care the giver cares. Each of the October birthday gifts above is special in its own way. So go ahead and choose the one that you think will please the birthday girl or boy the most!